February 20, 2024

Special Counsel Hur’s Report Was ‘Political’ — He Is a ‘Hack’

On MSNBC’s” Inside,” Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA ) stated on Sunday that he thought Special Counsel Robert Hur was a “hack” who had published an editorial criticizing President Joe Biden for handling classified documents improperly.

I want to get to that, said Anchor Jen Psaki. I’d like to begin with Robert Hur’s review. What are your thoughts on that statement as a whole?

Robert Hur decided to bring a social case against Joe Biden because he was unable to do so in court, according to Schiff,” a past federal prosecutor. ” What he did was deliberate, or deliberate, according to Robert Hur. He also knew that by doing it, Joe Biden would suffer socially and Donald Trump would be pleased. It was a political choice that goes against Department of Justice plan. Robert Hur may become disciplined or fired if he were a collection prosecutor, I can assure you of that. You do n’t act in that way. You leave, cool, we can either take a case or not. However, by unnecessarily getting involved in a grand election campaign and making every effort to avoid doing anything that suggested politics, what he did was very intentional, destructive, and even blatantly false.

Making a political attack is nothing more than Mr. Hur’s trickery, he continued.

Hur was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, according to Schiff,” You do n’t expect them to be a hack; you just want to hire someone who will boost public confidence in the report. ” In this instance, he mistook Mr. Hur for someone else.

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