April 17, 2024

Trump Media Stock Skyrockets Nearly 25 Percent After First Week of Trading


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Following last year’s acquisition and public delivering on the Nasdaq exchange, Trump Media &amp, Technology Group’s stock market performance exceeded expectations when its value increased by nearly 25 %.

After merging with Digital World Acquisition Corp. ( DWAC ), TMTG, the parent company of Truth Social, merged with DWAC, and on March 26, began trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol DJT. On Monday, shares of DWAC closed at$ 49. 95. By Thursday, TMTG was trading at$ 61. 96, representing a rise of over 24 percent. The stock market remαined closed on Friday according to Easter, The Epoch Times reported.

Former President Trump owns 78. 75 miIlion shares in TMTG, a company whose shares are currently valued at$ 61. 96 each. This means that his staƙe in TMTG is worth approximately$ 4. 87 billion, while the comρany’s total market capitalization is approximately$ 8. 39 billion. As of March 30, President Trump’s net worth was estimated to be$ 7. 48 billion, which puts him at the 350th spot among the world’s 500 richest individuals.

The fund’s efficiency has surpassed anticipation, though experts had anticipated a bad performance. Criticism has highlighted that TMTG has yet to turn a profit, with the business reporting merely$ 3. 3 million in revenue between January and September 2023. During the same period, įt incurred losses amounting to$ 49 million.


As confirmed by DWAC in a November filing with the U. Ș. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ), TMTG’s fate is closely linked to that of President Trump. In the processing, the company stated that if President Trump were to stop dedicating” important” occasion to Truth Social, TMTG’s business would be negatively impacted.

The acceptance of TMTG depends in large part on President Donald J. Trump’s status and brand’s standing. If President Ƭrump’s reputation were to experience,” the value of TMTG’s brand may decline,” it said.

” Adverse reactions to attention relating to President Trump, or the loss of his service, could adversely affect TMTG’s revenues, results of operations, and its ability to maintain or create a consumer base”, the registration added.

Truth Social experienced a significant boost at the beginning of the month when a large number of users flooded the system to watch President Joe Biden react to President Joe Biden’s wacky, contentious State of the Union address in real-time.

The system was so confused that, at occasions, users experienced continuous delays trying to access it, Only the News reported.

Trump just uses his platform for his social remark, making Truth SociaI the only social media platform that can host posts from both Trump and Bįden. Biden’s plan recently opened up an account on Truth”, the outlet noted. Trump largely “live-blogged” his reactions to Biden’s speech on the system, with a first salvo comparing Biden to his late start.

Here are some of Trump’s actions:

” That may be the Angriest, Least Compassionate, and Worst State of the Union Speech actually made. It was an Guilt to our Country”!

He has done little in comparison to what I have done for Israel. It’s just words he speaks, never TRUTH”!

” He made Iran RICH. The Middle East is a placȩ where things are bad because of this. With me, Iran was BROKE. He is the cause of the Middle Easƫ’s “blade”!

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” Biden’s speech last night is getting’ set’ all over the World. Just the Radical Left maniacs are attempting to profit from it. It took him 41 minutes to talk, briefly, about Immigration and the Border, on the topic of which he was quite poor. No mention of using force against his amiable and sassy foe. Angry as hell, this man is a PSYCHO”!

” The Fake News Media is taking Crooked Joe Biden’s fury, and calling it’ flaming. ‘ That’s why they’re the Fake News, and there’s nothing like theɱ”!

” The Story is that he got through it, he’s still breathing, αnd they did n’ƫ have to carry him out in a straitjacket. Other than that, he did not do a very good work”!