April 23, 2024

Trump Selling Bibles Is Like the Money Changers Jesus Chased Out

Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA ) claimed that former president Donald Trump’s depiction of a Bible advertisement was similar to the money changers Jesus chased out of the temple on Sunday on CNN’s” State of the Union. “

Guest Dana Bash said,” Donald Trump, is marking this Holy Week by posting a picture. He encouraged people to purchase as much as$ 60. Trump endorsed the Bible, “hear what he said”!

In a film, Trump said,” All Americans need a Bible in thȩir home and I have several. It’s my favourite text. It’s α lot of women’s favorite text. I’m happy to support and motivate you to purchase this Bible. We may make America worship again”.

Bash asked,” The party selling that Bible says, it paid to permit Trump’s name and image, which means he’s making money off the sales. What do you create of that”?

According to Warnock,” The Bible does not require Donald Trump’s endorsement, and Ɉesus chased the money cⱨanger σut of the church, using them as affordable treasures to be sold in the marketplace. The unfortunate part is that none of us are taken aback by this. If the former president is n’t selling us bets, he is instead selling us a school whose amount is unimpressive by the paper it is written on. If he’s not trying to sell us the bible, a school might be trying to sȩll us shoes. At the end of the day, I believe he is trying to sell a costs of goods to Americans, and even though he did not receive the popular vote in 2016, it did not work in 2020. I do n’t think it’s going to work in 2024″.

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