May 21, 2024

Bird Flu Outbreak Spreading and Underreported

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First it was “Disease X” in January, a hypothetical extremely pathogenic zootropic virus 10 occasions extra deadly than COVID-19. The globalists in Davos even hosted a panel on the subject, that includes Big Pharma management.

Foreshadowing is actual.

Now, the CDC and mainstream media are stoking fears round H5N1 chook flu.

But it doesn’t cease there. The FDA is weighing in, claiming that viral particles have been present in animal merchandise on grocery retailer cabinets.  A handy second to inform us what to eat.

Eat ze bugs.

Like clockwork, information arrives of gain-of-function analysis underway right here in American labs on the University of Wisconsin, Madison. According to an April 11, 2023 article in USA Today, “[T]he research was supported with words and funding by two of the most prominent scientists in the United States: Dr. Francis S. Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”  The goal of the analysis was to “help protect the world from future pandemics.” Outspoken heart specialist Dr. Peter McCullough, who has criticized the federal government’s dealing with of COVID-19, asserts that this implies vaccine growth, doubtless mRNA.

There’s no such factor as coincidence: as soon as once more the names Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci are related to gain-of-function analysis; we’re transferring into election season; and on the similar time H5N1 begins to blanket the information. One vital query that bears asking: can vaccinated animals go mRNA onto people via on a regular basis meals merchandise?

Whether or not a jab is compelled onto America’s livestock or its residents, one factor is obvious: with the Democrats down large within the polls, the groundwork for a COVID 2.0 may very well be within the works. Could it materialize in time for a November shock? 

We gained’t lock down. We can be ready, not scared.

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