May 21, 2024

Elon Musk Bashes Robert De Niro’s Trump-Hitler Comparison

Elon Musk, a tycoon, has quickly taken advantage of Robert De Niro’s most recent tirade, in which he rehashed Trump is Hitler, the far-left’s most popular fear technique from 2016!

Robert De Niro once repeatedly expressed his disgust with former US president Donald Trump on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour on Thursday. During the interview, the professional compared Trump’s political rise to Adolf Hitler’s in 1930s Germany.

” I do n’t understand it. I do n’t I do n’t think they understand how dangerous it will be if he ever, God forbid, becomes president. I do n’t think they really understand. And generally, from what I see, yet in Nazi Germany, they had it with Hitler. They do n’t take him seriously. He looks like a lunatic. Works like a lunatic”, De Niro said.

” Mussolini. Similar thing. These guys, I do n’t know why they look like clowns. They apparently identify with them in some way with that aspect of society, persons.

In an X/Twitter article on Friday, Musk simply dismantled De Niro’s Trump- Hitler comparison.

“Well, Trump was actually already president for 4 years and his policies bore no resemblance to those of Hitler, so this makes no sense,” Musk wrote. “In fact, with the Abraham Accords, he made some progress towards peace in the Middle East, which was surely no great on Hitler’s plan.”

Trump’s successful negotiations with various Muslim countries helped bring the Abraham Accords, which normalized their relations with Israel, to fruition.

The place experienced comparative peace and stability as a result of the accords. But under the Biden administration, Hamas felt emboldened to strike Israel, resulting in the evil firm’s October 7 murder — the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

De Niro’s MSNBC interview made no mention of October 7 or Biden’s Middle Eastern mistakes.

A way to correct peace in the Middle East would be possible, Trump just told Breitbart News.

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