April 16, 2024

Financial Advisor Reminds New Parents It’s Never Too Early To Start Saving Up Money For Legos

U.S. — Parents across the nation are diverting funds typically allocated for college savings into a new, equally demanding investment: Legos. Top advisors are urging expecting parents to prioritize saving for Legos as soon as possible, assuring them that it’s never too late or too early to start.

“Parents often focus on college funds or retirement plans, but they overlook the crucial Lego fund,” said financial advisor, Bob Shackleton. “We’ve seen entire portfolios crumble because parents didn’t start squirreling away money for those little plastic pieces of agony.”

“There I was saving up thousands of dollars for my child’s education only to find myself woefully unprepared to afford Legos for my sons,” said Brittany Johnson, mom of four. “We’re talking about 30 bucks a pop for the cheapest box of Legos for every birthday party your kids attend. Don’t you realize how many birthday parties your kids will go to?! And what are those bricks made of anyway, gold?”

Experts agree that the rising cost of Legos necessitates a proactive approach. “It’s no longer just a matter of pocket change for a toy. We’re talking serious investment here,” added Shackelton. “Some of these sets could put a down payment on a house…in an upper-class neighborhood, of course.”

At publishing time, top financial advisors were also urging parents to secure their child’s future and consider setting aside as much money as possible for a Fortnite V-Bucks fund.

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