May 21, 2024

Not many days he doesn’t have ‘chip on his left shoulder’

” You may feel that, for positive”, Coen told investigators on Monday. ” There’s not many days I do n’t think Baker wakes up and he does n’t have a chip on his left shoulder, but there is definitely a feeling that this is his team, and it’s OK to fail. You can be yourself every single day, no matter what, because we believe in you and want to be the person. In the end, he simply has n’t had the opportunity to do that all that frequently throughout his career. You certainly feel a peaceful, calming assurance, but he’s still the same guy. He’s out there when we get on the grass, talking touch, getting after it and just having fun with the people. He is best friends with the O-line, in my opinion, which finally makes him a great president.

The NFL locker room is where the person who previously headbutted coworkers without helmet after winning a game jives.

Players and fans in Tampa were endeared to Mayfield last year by his willingness to fight for yards when the play failed and by his bravery. His bag play, which was a poor area at the beginning of his profession, was greatly improved by his willingness to take a hit last season.

This off-season, Mayfield, who has a new deal with Tampa, has shown to be a leader both on and off the field. With Coen’s new offence being installed, the QB is at the forefront of the move.

” Only a calm assurance, I think”, Coen said of the QB. One of the factors that we want to create in the conference room is the “driver” of the surroundings. Yes, we are installing and teaching a new offense, but he knows a lot of these things now. He’s heard them. He’s repped them. He’s only taking it over, and he has done a great job in the conference room setting, talking to some of the people. … That’s what we’re trying to establish. The effectiveness of throwing football has been amazing so far. We have n’t had a ton of balls hit the ground, and he’s throwing it with a lot of confidence right now”.

Coen’s familiarity with Mayfield was a major factor in the Bucs ‘ decision to remove him from the college ranks to take the place of the newly hired Panthers ‘ head coach Dave Canales. Tampa hopes that Tampa’s partnership will help them win the NFC South division for the third time in a row in 2024.