April 17, 2024

Celtics’ Jayson Tatum feels for losing sports bettors

On Wednesday, Boston Celtics guard Jayson Tatum said he feels for fans when he does n’t hit ƫheir bets.

” I guess I do feel bad when I do n’t hit people’s parlays. I do n’t want them to lose money”, Tatum told reporters at the Celtics ‘ shootaround.

Viewers do n’t had an issue reminding the gamer they’ve betted on what they must complete in order to receive a large cash when money is on the range. Temple claimed that when he is in motion, he ⱨears it all from the masses.

” Fans cry s— all the time,’ take one more 3, get one more rise, get 25 before the third is over,'” Tatum said.

Turner added that whenever their parlays occur, there will be other times when he’ll learn fɾom the audience.

” I guess when you hit women’s wagers and do good]for their parlays], they’ll tell me, but they’ll also speak s— if I’m on the court and did n’t get them 29 at quarter or whatever I was supposed to do”, Tatum said.

Turner said he thinks it’s a funny way of allowing players to interact with fans, despite the backlash that comes from players occasionally hitting fans ‘ parlays.

” I mean, you see people on Twitter, you know, viewers going back and forth with people on Twitter about how you lost their money and s— like that, but I guess it’s kind of funny”, Tatum said.

Temple leads the Celtics ωith 27. 3 positions and 8. 2 touchdowns per game.