April 16, 2024

Chiefs are “cautiously optimistic” April 2 vote to extend sales tax will prevail

In five weeks, the Chiefs ( and Royals ) will find out whether the ballot- age citizens of Jackson County, Missouri, are willing to help millions in public funds for venue jobs.

The Chiefs have their hands crossed.

Chiefs President Mark Donovan spoke with Sports Business Journal‘s Ben Fischer, saying the group is” slowly optimistic” that the vote likely go.

The Chiefs are working very hard tσ get it to materialize. The football team is all in ( not the Jerry Jones means ) to win, from enlisting world-class people and coach Andy Reid to help with a professional to make the clear and obvious threat/promise that the group was left Kansas City in 2031 without this share of free cash.

The vote occurs at a time when the electorate is unable to have ƫhe funds to finance sports arenas. These methods typically only woɾk if they can be manipulated without the involvement of the ballot box. If any group you pull it off, it’s the Chiefs. Any other pro sports franchise that is considering trying will be able to see the message if the Chiefs ca n’t.