May 21, 2024

Citizen Journalist Aidan Kearney Details Mysterious Death of Boston Police Officer, Murder Trial Underway

The authorities could also be overlaying up the true trigger of demise of a Boston police officer, citizen journalist Aidan Kearney, senior editor for Turtleboy Daily News, stated throughout an look on Breitbart News Saturday, laying out proof that signifies that the officer’s girlfriend might have been framed because the homicide trial is underway.

Karen Read is on trial for the January 29, 2022, demise of Boston police officer John O’Keefe, and her protection crew is alleging an enormous authorities conspiracy framing her.

As Kearney relayed, the 2 had been invited to the house of a person named Brian Albert, “who was also a Boston police officer with a reputation of being a tough guy fighter” and often known as an aggressive man.

“So they were gonna go back to his house, and he was invited back there by a woman named Jennifer McCabe, who is Brian’s sister-in-law — his wife’s sister. And so, Karen decides — it’s about 12:20 [a.m.] by the time they get there, and a blizzard’s coming and just starting, and Karen’s like, ‘I’m gonna go home. Call me, you know, let me know everything’s okay in there.’”

She didn’t hear from O’Keefe, and the following morning, she referred to as Jennifer McCabe and requested the place O’Keefe was, and she or he claimed he by no means got here in the home. Ultimately, his physique was discovered outdoors. Read reportedly tried to save lots of his life by performing CPR, however he died, and she or he ended up getting charged three days later with manslaughter, which was later kicked as much as homicide, for allegedly hitting O’Keefe along with her automobile.

Aidan “Turtleboy” Kearney arrives at Norfolk Superior Court for a listening to within the Karen Read case on February 26, 2024. (Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe through Getty Images)

“So now she’s facing second-degree murder charges and manslaughter,” Kearney stated, explaining that he pulled up the courtroom filings on the case 15 months later and located that the protection had gotten ahold of McCabe’s cellphone and found she had Googled, “How long to die in cold” after 2:27 a.m. after which deleted the search.

“Why would Jennifer McCabe Google, ‘How long to die in cold’ at 2:27 [a.m.] if she thought John O’Keefe had gone home to bed and not come inside of the house? Why would she Google that? Well, as it turns out, basically, through my investigation and the defense’s investigation, it’s been determined that John’s body was not on the lawn at 2:30 a.m. Karen allegedly hit him at 12:30 [a.m.],” he stated, explaining that he tracked down the road’s plow driver, who stated he didn’t see a physique on the garden at the moment, both.

A Karen Read supporter holds an indication outdoors of Norfolk Superior Court on March 20, 2024. (Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe through Getty Images)

“He said he came back at three o’clock, and he saw a Ford Edge parked right where the body would be found three hours later by Karen Read. And three members of the Albert family — Brian Albert, the cop who owns the house; his brother, Kevin Albert, who was a…police detective; and his nephew, Colin Albert, the 17-year-old punk who had issues with John because…they were neighbors, and he had thrown beer cans on John’s lawn…all three of them drive a Ford Edge,” he stated, explaining that authorities have carried out “absolutely nothing to find the driver of that Ford Edge” as a result of they’re defending those that murdered O’Keefe by blaming Read.

Kearney walked via the connections of these concerned within the case, highlighting how they’re all intricately linked.


Further, Kearney, who stated he had been focused for investigating the case, identified that the post-mortem pictures present that O’Keefe had two large swollen eyes, a three-inch laceration within the again of his head, and what seemed to be canine bites up and down his arm.

“It just so happens that a man-eating dog named Chloe — a six-year-old family dog, which has twice sent people to the emergency room, according to Animal Control records — was inside the house that night and is now gone. No one has any idea where she is, if she got Old Yellered, or if she’s just been rehomed somewhere else. Nobody knows. Because that dog is evidence, and it’s just gone,” he stated, explaining that the federal government’s complete case hinges on taillight items, supposedly from Read’s automobile. However, the unique officers responding didn’t even discover taillight items.

Karen Read seems in Norfolk County Superior Court for a pre-trial listening to on May 3, 2024. (John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe through Getty Images)

The complete case, he stated, is extremely complicated, however proof continues to pile up in opposition to the federal government’s case, offering extra particulars.

“John is about six foot two inches tall. The taillight is probably four and a half feet off the ground, at most, yet, somehow all of the injuries to John are to his eyes and the laceration on the back of the head. He has no broken bones, no broken pelvis, no broken arms, nothing, no bruises on his body, literally nothing to his body except for the hit in the back of the head and the dog bites on his arm, and the government has absolutely no explanation for how he ended up like this by landing on grass and being hit by Karen’s car,” he added.

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