May 21, 2024

Education Sec Refuses to Say If He Would Let Boys Fight Daughter

At a Tuesday hearing, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona declined to respond to questions about whether he would allow kids to wrestle their daughters in front of the bathroom or do dress in front of them.

President Joe Biden‘s administration released a finalized rule in April that extends Title IX protection to encompass” sexual orientation” and “gender identity“, but it does not address transgender athletes. Democratic Utah Rep. Burgess Owens emailed him, and Cardona said he would not comment on sport regulations that his office has not yet proposed.


” Would you force your child to dress in the bath with kids, who are also undressing”? Owens asked.

” I am not going to be commenting on athletics rules that we have n’t proposed”, Cardona answered.

The secretary responded with a “yes or no” response, saying he would “be content” to talk about Title IX, but Owens asked for one.

Do your leadership interpret your daughter’s complaint that she felt uncomfortable in a teen’s presence in a locker room or bathroom as discrimination or bigotry? Owens followed up.

As Owens pressed him, Cardona once more declined to offer a “yes or no” response.

Women have now switched to boxing and wrestling as contact sports. Do you permit your child to literally fight and be betrayed by a boy who” called herself a girl”? Owens asked. ” Yes or no”.

” Be happy to, when we finalize our laws on Title IX sports, to come back and have a conversation with you”, Cardona said.

A “one-size-fits-all plan,” which supposedly discriminates against transgender sportsmen, is currently being developed by the Biden administration. Almost 25 states have passed laws that forbid transgender athletes from competing in sexual activities.

” The new Title IX rules increase protections to all students, and enhance protections for women”, Cardona said.

” This is why United parents are genuinely concerned about this leadership. You may answer a fundamental question that makes frequent sense”, Owens retorted. ” I’ll suggest this. I know how to protect my women”.

The education minister has a son and a daughter. At an April reading, Cardona has also consistently refrained to respond to questions about whether there are actual differences between men and women.

Do you concur that women and men have physical differences? Rep. Andy Harris, a Republican from Maryland, contacted him.

Before the senator interrupted him, Cardona said,” I see where you’re going with this. ” Harris next asked the question again, to which Cardona repeated his answer, adding,” I would love to talk about how we can work together to support the kids”, before Harris cut him off once more.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was the source of this original publication.