May 21, 2024

How Gender Ideology Became a Cult Damaging Young Lives

The combination- sex hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries being prescribed to younger people struggling with their gender identity are “experimental”, according to Mary Margaret Olohan.

Women and men who attempt to change their body to emerge as the opposite sex are subject to the same kind of results that the puberty blockers and hormones do to these young people, according to Olohan.

In her new text” Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult”, Olohan shares the stories of detransitioners, such as Prisha Mosley.

Before choosing to detransition and revert to living as a person, Mosley took cortisol and underwent a double breast when she was a young woman. Then an adult, she is expecting a baby, but will never be able to drink her infant.

Olohan describes Mosley as “very happy for her and glad to see that she is able to bring new life to the world,” but he added that” we do n’t know if other people will be able to do the same. “

” There are people who have found that they are pregnant now, due to the hormone or the hormones” they took, she says.

Olohan claims in her book that she contacted the doctors who perform gender-reassignment procedures to replace healthy body parts, but they omitted any phone.

The author claimed that “everyone may be afraid that our medical experts chose philosophy over science. “

Olohan, a senior columnist for The Daily Signal, joins the podcast to discuss how so many young people are being drawn into the “gender philosophy cult” and what happens to a male or female body when taking puberty-altering drugs or hormones.

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