May 21, 2024

Job Creators Network Launches State, National Coalition to Reach and Engage Hispanic Voters Ahead of ’24 Election

In order to create a national grassroots technique in Arizona and Pennsylvania, the Job Creators Network (JCN) and Bienvenido and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference teamed up to form the Spanish Vote Coalition, which will have two suffered state directors and a senior national director.

The Spanish Vote Coalition was established to educate Hispanic voters on issues that are significant to them, share information about policies that most closely align with their values and the American Dream, and correct misinformation that has been made available to these voters for years, according to Job Creators Network.

It is crucial that Hispanic voters be contacted by messengers who understand their values because” Hispanic voters in bounce states are very likely to decide the outcome of this vote. ” The Spanish Voting Partnership is a significant effort to engage and inform Hispanic voters in important swing counties and states to vote for their liberal values, including hard function, entrepreneurs, family, and faith”.

The Spanish Vote Coalition has seven key components:

  • At Spanish churches and small companies, voter registration drives are held.
  • A obtain- out- the- voting campaign
  • Church, society, and small firm events
  • Educational materials for Spanish ministers, congregation, small business owners/Hispanic Chambers, and all Hispanic voters.
  • Spanish pastors: example speeches and educational resources
  • Targeted internet marketing campaigns
  • Engaging trusted Spanish ambassadors and activists, including small business owners

Alfredo Ortiz, the CEO of Job Creators Network, and Mary Thomas, the head of JNC’s tactical growth officer, are the leaders of the Spanish Vote Coalition.

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” Because of their growing, positive impact on American society and the market, we believe that Hispanics will be a deciding factor in the 2024 vote”, said Ortiz. ” Hispanic voters deserve to be engaged in an honest talk about the beneficial role they play in the American business and about the negative effects that Washington’s bad laws like high inflation, high taxes, and overregulation, have on them, their families, and their companies. Two Hispanic-led organizations with a long history of making a significant positive impact on the preservation of the values of our Hispanic community, Bienvenido and NHCLC, are a wonderful and honor to partner with them.

” The Hispanic Vote Coalition will use our many decades of political and policy experience to successfully reach the Hispanic community where they live, work, and worship, to secure the Hispanic support necessary to ensure that pro- growth, pro- small business, and pro- family policies are made in Washington”, said Thomas.

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