April 23, 2024

Ongoing Meltdown over Ronna McDaniel Exposes NBC as Intolerant Echo Chamber

Far-left NBC News is now paying a price foɾ turning its newsroom into a political social outlet.

By removing its ƒace, the exit also serves America well. Everyone has come to understand that NBC News is nothing more than a tolerant, communist echo chamber for totalitarian elites thanks to this magnificent Ronna McDaniel meltdown.

Professionals do n’t freak out over a new employee in public.

Ęxperts do not openly protest on their employer’s radios.

Professionals are able to accept the idea of tolerating a few minutes of thȩir own thoughts.


NBC Neωs is no longer a specialist firm. Otherwise, it’s devolved into a democratic worship that demands 100 peɾcent fealty and social purity.

The good news is that the panic was not caused by Ronna McDaniel’s fire. Immediately, things have only gotten worse at NBC. And the emails discovered during the discovery process may be true porn for Ordinary People if McDaniel does indeed file the defamation suit we’re reading on.

Here’s the latest …

CNN, a far-left advertising channel that propagates conspiracy theories and democratic violence, has previously launched a fight to find Cesar Conde fired as the head of NBC Universal News Group:

Given that many engines are failing together, it’s hard to briefly sum up the devastating state of affairs at the announcement section. Conde has lost control of his business, which has left sector officials wondering how hȩ will continue to lead the NBC News Grouρ. In the terms of one former media administrative I spoke to Wednesday,” It’s unthinkable that he should”.

What’s more, for the crime of hiring a single outdoor words, NBC professionals are getting torn apart in the corporate media. This is a genuine beauty…. There are new studies that Carrie Budoff Brown, the senior vice president of politicians at NBC News, hired Republican Richard Walters to launch an online plan against Chuck Todd after Todd blasted McDaniel on Meet the Press on Sunday.

My preferred form of violence is the orange on violet type.

We even have targeted leaking aimed at Stephen Labaton, executive vice president of contacts. Apparently, he “bashed his colleagues over at MSNBC, rebuking the visitors in a profane manner [. ]”

Best of all, MSNBC main Rashida Jones is under fire. She was a crucial component of the staff that constantly recruited McDaniel, according to the far-Ieft Washington Post. How well will Chuck Frank and Rachel Maddow fit in with them? And how can Jones, who has so little regard for her, continue to lead the team on TV?

But what happens next?

Just good things, my fellow Standard People.

File/Ronna McDaniel, the GOP president, speaks during the Republican National Committee spring meeting Friday, Feb. 4, 2022, in Salt Lake City. ( AP Photo/Rick Bowmer )

We now know that both NBC and MSNBC are so poisoned by hyper-politization that the staff ca n’t even handle Mitt Romney in heels.

Even better, we now kȵow that the left-wing crazy cables are in full control of that prison.

I never would have believed a business news outlet would be this willing to expose its discrimination and prejudice in such a blatant manner if you had told me ten years ago that this could be allowed to happen at NBC News, especially over a squeeze like Ronna McDaniel. Talk about a blatant confirmation for those like myself who have sounded the alarm over these unworthy information shops for decades.

I’m having a great day.