May 21, 2024

Pro-Palestinian Encampments Trained for ‘Months’; Wespac Denies Role

According to The Wall Street Journal, some pro-Palestine protesters stationed in communities across the country spent “months” training with seasoned activists and organizations before staging their invasions next month.

As Breitbart News and others have noted, many of the “encampments” have used similar tactics, and the protesters are properly- trained in practices such as linking hands to push people ( including journalists ) out of their walls. Former protesters have been site, such as Lisa Fithian, who was lately seen at the Columbia University camp. Additionally, the New York Police Department has stated that international donors have contributed to the camps.

The Journal goes further in its report by mentioning that a group called Wespac, based in New York, has been funding the organization National Students for Justice in Palestine ( NJSP), which is involved in the camps.

People across the country were shocked by the new wave of pro-Palestine protests that occurred on college campuses. However, some of the marches ‘ political strategies were the result of years of planning, encouragement, and education by seasoned campaigners and left-wing groups.

There are links between long-standing far-left organizations and the protesters, despite the lack of a centralized command in charge of the student motion opposing Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

For the last century, donations to NJSP have been received and administered by the Wespac Foundation, according to Howard Horowitz, Wespac’s committee chairman. The funds are passed on to NSJP” for jobs in the United States”, he said, declining to provide further details.

Wespac denied participating in the protests on school or being involved with any coordination efforts.

However, NGO Monitor also listed Wespac among the non- governmental organizations involved in “orchestrating” the protests:” WESPAC Foundation, a Westchester, New York- based organization registered with the IRS as a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non- profit, serves as the fiscal sponsor for National SJP”. It adds (original emphasis ):

WESPAC ( Westchester Peace Action Committee Foundation ) – founded 1974

  • WesPAC supports some of the anti-Semitism-propaganda-related organizations, including Kids for Justice in Palestine and Within Our Life. Additionally, WESPAC serves the Palestinian Youth Movement USA, Adalah-New York, and the United States Palestinian Community Network ( USPCN).
  • WESPAC’s sources of income are largely unknown. A few basic donors, some of whom were big donors, are revealed in public records, more obscuring the original donors.
  • WESPAC uses “apartheid” and another demonizing speech, campaigned for convicted PFLP extremists, and contextualized the October 7th crimes.

Wespac also told the Journal that it does not help violence, racism, or violence.

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