May 21, 2024

Storm Chaser Rescues TX Family After Tornado Destroys Home

A courageous person assisted a Texas home on Thursday when a tornado struck close to Hawley.

As the tornado raged outside, the Lambert family was frantically clinging on to each other inside a drawer, according to Fox Weather’s report from Friday.

The cyclone was near Hawley when it was captured in a MyRadar Weather picture:

Kasey Lambert claimed in a Fox post that she and her husband Wes tried their best to protect their two children from the destruction of the house in front of them. However, their brother Lane was torn from them and thrown into a pile of dust.

Ally and Wes found Lane and picked him up when the mother and her daughter Buddy woke up and left. Moments later, the community started running as a local tornado was also looming.

Storm seeker Freddy McKinney was capturing the storm while recording it on his YouTube channel, much to the family’s utter awe.

He was able to identify the family’s home when they ran toward his car when he parked close to it.

As the cyclone sped slowly in front of McKinney’s car during one particularly powerful moment, video footage shows how much debris slammed into the vehicle. ” Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! There’s folks! There’s folks”! When he saw the household approaching him, he exclaimed.

” Getting on! Get in the auto”! As Kasey approached the car carrying her child, he informed them. ” Please God, assist”! she cried in anguish.

After a large scar on Lane’s head caused him to drive as quickly as he could to a local hospital.

Kasey after said,” It was just an act of God that Freddy’s schedule was when it was”.

During an interview after the struggle, Wes told Big Country Homepage that when he saw the storm,” I told my wife,’ Get available. It’s coming. ‘ It was there about a second later.

The community is still recovering and their mother, Rea Lambert, said they were “whirled about inside” the house during the wind:

Now, community members are helping the Lamberts clean up the devastation the storm left behind, and Rea Lambert said,” It’s a miracle they survived, so God has a purpose for their life or they would n’t be here”.

One man who survived the cyclone by lying down in a ditch by the side of the road prayed to God for support, according to a report from Breitbart News on Friday.