April 23, 2024

Did LSU coach Brian Kelly reveal Washington’s plan to take QB Jayden Daniels?

Tigers basketball coach Brian Kelly may have unintentionally disclosed the programs of the team wiƫh the second σverall pick in the 2024 draft in a story that connects Ⱳashington and LSU without Kim Mulkey.

Via Garrett Podell of CBSSports . com, Kelly added two more important terms to his effort to promote the 2023 Heisman Trophy win.

” ]Daniels ] is going to be so committed to taking care of himself that you’re not going to have to worry about size or]if] he does n’t weigh enough”, Kelly said. ” Lamar]Jackson ] has done a pretty good job with his size. ]Patrick ] Mahomes, I would n’t consider him a giant. Because]Daniels ] is going to get the ball out to the playmakers and make plays. For Washington“.

The Commanders currently have the following general get. If ( as everyone thinks ), USC quarterback Will be the first overall pick in the draft, Chris Simms has stated that the Commanders may run the Jayden Daniels get to the floor.

Daniels is high, athIetic, and powerful, both as a quarterback and as a sprinter. Most of the SEC’s protective people, if not all of them, did not hesitate to name the best player they faced when we interviewed them four weeks ago at the Scouting Combine. The most common response was, by way, Jayden Daniels.

But it plays outside, it gets started four months from tonight. Right about now.